We Coach Partners with Positive Coaching Alliance to Expand Coach Education

We love working with other people, organizations, and teams. Corporations and schools. Mental health organizations and institutions. Everyone, really. Thus we’re super stoked to announce a new partnership with the nationally recognized Positive Coaching Alliance, better known as PCA.

Check out the press release here.

PCA trains thousands of coaches per year to be ‘better people, better athletes,’ and has built a HUGE database of incredible tools for all coaches and parents to positively influence youth they coach. Our founder Megan Bartlett says, ‘“PCA has been offering quality coach education for decades. We’re excited about the opportunity to complement their great work and give more coaches the tools they need to unleash the power of sport to help young people heal, grow and thrive.”

We’ve posted the press release on our Media page where you can also listen to Megan on PCA’s Power of Positive podcast or watch her participate in The Power of Play panel at the Social Innovation Conference with gold-medalist gymnast Laurie Hernandez and Nike’s Jorge Casimiro about the power of play for all humans, especially girls.

Thank you to PCA and all of our partners for their continued awesomeness-we’re super pumped for all that’s to come.

Claire Perry
Introducing We Coach

Sports have a natural way of bringing people together, of teaching valuable life lessons, of showing us who we are and who we can be with enough dedication and support. Sports when done well can be the difference between a person succeeding or not, thriving or not, healing or not. There is a lot to love about the field of Sport for Development, but the best thing about this field is the community of amazing people doing the work. We Coach formed when two of those people saw an opportunity to take their passion and find a way to do work they love with people they love.  

David Flynn is a supporter and a grower. Through his nonprofit organization, From the Roots, he seeks out amazing innovators for social change and finds ways to walk beside them to increase their chance of succeeding and making a big difference in the world. Megan Bartlett is a driver and a learner. Through her almost 15 years leading programming in the trenches in Sport for Development organizations, she became one of the leading voices directing the field to move forward and do more. Both David and Megan previously had roles that allowed them to work with hundreds of other Sport for Development organizations around the country. This gave them great insight into the things that unite all of these organizations as well as the unique challenges that each organization faces based on their specific sport, context, and target population. The formation of We Coach grew out of their desire to dive deep into the details of particular organizations and find meaningful solutions and resources.  

Support and drive. Grow and Learn. These are the core actions that We Coach desires to take in the field of Sport for Development.


Support the work already being done by offering specific skill sets not always available internally in an organization.  

Support internal learning and high quality programming through strategic data collection and analysis.


Drive the field in new directions, offering cutting edge trainings based on the latest research on brain science, youth development, and trauma informed practices.

Drive collaboration across the field by facilitating collective impact in cities and nationally.


Grow capacity within organizations by helping them to identify and obtain funding to meet their programmatic needs.

Grow the intentionality with which organizations deliver programming through strategic and customized program design.


Learn from the vast knowledge within the field and find ways that organizations can learn from each other.

Learn from other related fields and find places that Sport for Development can incorporate research based practices from mentoring, youth development, community development, and mental health services.

The team we have gathered offers a unique combination of skills, insights, and most important, connection to the vast knowledge, creativity, and passion that already exists within the field. We Coach hopes to do our part to learn from the community, bring people together, and bring the field forward to even greater impact. We Coach because we believe this work is vital. We Coach because this is what we believe will make a difference in such an important field. We hope you will come along with us on this journey so that we can coach together.

Lauren Kinderknecht