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Megan Bartlett


Megan Bartlett has spent most of her career working in, designing, and advocating for programs that use sports to promote youth development and positively impact communities. She speaks regularly on the power of sport to create social change and help kids heal and is co-author of the book Re-Designing Youth Sports: Change the Game.  Megan serves on Nike's Global Training Advisory Group and is working with the Child Trauma Academy to create the Neurosequential Model in Sport-—a fully trauma informed sport intervention model.

Megan’s passion for using sport as a tool to help young people cope with overwhelming stress  started when she moved from working at a community mental health clinic to her first job in the sport for good field, at America SCORES New England (now America SCORES Boston). Working in this setting, she quickly realized how essential it is for coaches to understand the impact of trauma in order for them to effectively develop the social, emotional and cognitive skills of the young people they serve.  This discovery was reaffirmed during the years that she served as the National Program Director for America SCORES and became the core focus of her work when she helped start Up2Us Sports. As Chief Program Officer, she created Up2Us’ innovative, nationally recognized coach training program, the first national program to fully integrate trauma-informed practices into a sport context.

Megan attended Wesleyan University, where she earned a BA in Psychology and Sociology and was the captain of the women’s soccer team.  At Tufts University, Megan coached soccer while earning her MA in Urban Policy and Planning. She currently lives in Boston with her husband Andrew, who she met while they both worked for America SCORES, she in the Boston office and he in Washington, DC.