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Trauma-informed Strategies

Utilizing the latest research, we design and facilitate strategies to effectively work with young people and adults who’ve experienced overwhelming amounts of stress. Trauma-informed strategy trainings include facilitated conversations on the importance of context, the impact of toxic stress on the brain, and how physical activity, sport, and positive relationships can be leveraged to help rewire the brain. 

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Program Design

We work with organizations to make sure that every detail of the way the program is being implemented is intentional and strategic to support the mission. Whether this is getting a new program going or making improvements to how an existing program is implemented, we use creative and collaborative methods to ensure the best work possible.  

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Coach and Staff Training

We train people to be better mentors and skill builders to young people and to each other. We’re grateful to have an incredible group of national trainers who are ready to facilitate fun, research-based, and interactive trainings to discuss culture, relationships, brain science, and coaching techniques, among many other topics.

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Collective impact

The We Coach network includes incredible partners who are experts in youth sports, mentoring practices, trauma-informed techniques, and corporate social responsibility. We can help convene the best of the best in your community and throughout the nation to effectively work together to create positive change in youth sports.

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We work with organizations to design an evaluation plan based on their specific outcomes, data needs, and capacity. We also support implementation including data collection tool design or selection, data collection support, data analysis and reporting.

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Too many programs have insufficient resources to support their incredible ideas to better youth sports. We can help identify and garner additional support by designing effective fundraising plans and writing grants aligned to your program and/or project.

We price projects on a sliding scale.