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Megan bartlett

Megan wants every coach and youth development practitioner (fine, every human) to learn about brain science so they understand how sport is uniquely suited to help young people heal, grow and thrive. She develops content for coach training and program design work, specializing in the intersection of sport and trauma.

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David Flynn

David is a movement builder and capacity builder who loves to encourage, support and connect innovative leaders and organizations. David leads We Coach’s collective impact work and manages all of the behind the scenes work-you should really see his spreadsheets.


Team Leaders

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lauren kinderknecht

Lauren has eight years of experience in program evaluation for international and domestic youth sports programs. She provides unique support to organizations, helping them to use data to provide the best quality programming and to tell stories to larger audiences in meaningful ways.


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Claire Perry

Claire has been coaching basketball for 15 years and can confidently say she’s a nerd for the sport and the overall sport for good movement. Claire facilitates We Coach content, including culture and team building, trauma-informed coaching techniques, and the overall awesomeness on the power of relationships. 


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Chris reed

Chris has served as a program leader, coach and mentor for countless youth and young adults. He led programming at the Washington Nationals Youth Leadership Academy and has a knack for connecting with all participants as he facilitates coach training sessions with professional teams, companies, and programs across the country.



National Training Team